Friday, November 30, 2007

Thanks For The Memories...

Wow. It is official. I posted for thirty days straight. Sometimes more than once. I am so proud of myself for sticking with it. It was hard. I won't lie to you. But I did it. My final NaBloPoMo post is going to be about how I met my husband. I figure he deserves it since I am always ragging on the poor guy. So Honey, this one's for you.

My little brother actually knew him first. They went to Bill Arp Elementary School together. Jeff went on to Fairplay and Jimmy moved to Detroit. They met up again their senior year of high school. And then didn't see each other for years.

In the mean time, I grew up. My brother and I had always been close friends and we used to hang out with this same group of friends. God, the fun we had. One of our friends worked in the kitchen of Taco Mac. His name was Eric. We used to always go up to the Mac on Friday and Saturday nights after we got off work. Jeff and I were working at Alpine together then. Anyway, we would all get together and drink and be rowdy and just have fun. It amazes me to this day how long it took for Jimmy and I to actually meet.

One night I noticed Eric seemed upset. I went up to the bar and asked him if he was okay. He wasn't. He told me his brother was in the hospital and he didn't know any more details. Everyone was pretty somber that night. We didn't see him for a few days. The next weekend he was back and let us all know that his brother was fine, and had moved in with him for a little while.

About two weeks later, after a late night, we all went back to Eric and John's apartment to hang out and play cards. I walked in the door and almost died. There was the hottest guy sitting on the couch reading Harry Potter. I was terribly nervous. I don't remember what I said to him, but I am sure it was something really dumb. He barely even said two words back. It was Jimmy, Eric's brother.

Over the next few weeks we would hang out more and more at their house. And it was always my idea. I would try desperately to get him to talk to me. One night we came back to their apartment and there was this girl there. My heart literally stopped. I was so crushed. It was his ex-girlfriend, I found out later. You would never have known it from the way she acted. She was an evil bitch, but that is a whole different post. We finally started talking, and one thing led to another. And we hooked up. I am not terribly proud of myself for that. But it is the truth. That was right around Thanksgiving of that year. We saw each other a few times and then nothing. For like a week. I was confused. I was at work one night talking to a girlfriend about where the "relationship" was going, and I didn't know if he was the one, blah,blah,blah, and one of the girls came up to me and told me there was someone here to see me.

I remember wondering who it could be. I walked down the ramp towards the host stand, and there stood Jimmy. With a dozen roses in his hands. They were a pale cream color with blush tips. My favorite roses. I don't know how he knew that because I generally don't care for roses. I am more of a daisy girl. But he did, and I still have them to this day.

He explained that he had been sick. He wasn't sure where we were going yet either, but he would like to find out. Our first date was at Sweetwater Park. We walked and talked for hours. It was the best date of my life. We both decided not to see other people. Which was fine by me. I was sick of dating by then. I was ready to be with him. And only him, for the rest of my life. I knew he was the one and had known it in my heart all along.

Six months later we were married at Sweetwater Park. Surrounded by our family and friends. It was the best day of my life. The luckiest day of my life. And a choice I have never once regretted making.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Things You Shouldn't Have To Tell Your Husband When You Have Been Married For Five Years, Or Possibly EVER...

* When taking our children out of the house, please dress them appropriately for the weather conditions. For example, if it is cold and damp, please make sure they are at the very least wearing pants of some sort. And a shirt.Mmmkay?

* When their training pants are trailing the ground, it is probably time to change them. Or better yet, why weren't YOU taking them potty? They don't train themselves.

* When you are bringing them in from the car, please remember to bring in their damn cups. Please. I am begging you on this one.

* When you are washing clothes, please put the powder in FIRST and let it sit there for a second BEFORE you stuff the clothes in,thankyouverymuch.


* No scary movies when the boys are awake. EVER. Even if you say " What? This is NOT scary". Yes, it is. They are two and four.

* When I finally get to watch tv, quit playing the Wacker Game whilst I am trying to watch football. Or I will kill you dead. There are three other rooms for you all to play in. A deck. And a backyard. Pick one and go there.

* Quit piling the trash on an already over-flowing garbage can. TAKE IT OUT ALREADY.

And I believe this ends our session for today! Happy Thursday, Everybody!!

Edited to add:

* Why must you park as far away as possible when there is a perfectly good spot right in front?!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

100th Post!!!

Thank you. But the credit definitely goes to NaBloPoMo. Which has been a blast. I will definitely be signing up for it next year. I feel like I have learned a lot. I am still relatively new to the blogging world. There are a ton of things I still don't know how to do. I am just taking it one step at a time. I like learning new things. Who doesn't?

I am sad to see the end of Novemeber coming, and with it NaBloPoMo. If only for the typing of the name. Kidding. I really HAVE enjoyed being a part of this group of bloggers. I feel like it has made me a little more structured in my writing. I also like how I am sitting down and writing every day. Even if it is only short posts. Writing is writing. And look ma, I'm doin' it!

I have a ton of ides for posts. Bright orange sticky-notes, patiently waiting to be chosen. So here is my vow to you. I will use at least one a week. I will continue to post every day, even if it's only small stuff. I like how I feel when I do that. I also like that I have reader's. Actual READER'S! Plural, even! I have met some great new friend's and I am very grateful.

Thank You, NaBloPoMo. I look forward to being a part of you next year.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pink Pig, Here We Come!

We have lived in Georgia for well over twenty years now. And I am ashamed to say, have never ridden "Priscilla". I have received her as a Christmas present in all her stuffed glory numerous times. Ridden her? No. That is all about to change.

My mother informed me last night that "she was taking her grandbabies to see the Pink Pig". Which means that I am driving and basically going along as back up. I asked her why we had never been to ride "Priscilla". She said it was because we were too old when we moved here. I think that's a load of bunk.

I don't think you are ever too old to ride a Pink Pig named "Priscilla". It's a Christmas tradition, and therefore exempt from age limits.

That's my story,anyway. Do y'all have any special family traditions involving the holidays?

Monday, November 26, 2007

I Heart Grapefruit Juice...

And so it begins. Day One of The Diet. My mother and I did this several years ago and lost fourty and fifty pounds,respectively. Now we are both back on it and have been joined by my husband and my diddy. It is a simple way to lose weight. And has actually worked for me when other things have failed.

I will be chronicaling my weight loss here every week. I am weighing myself tomorrow. I will be posting my weight every week. I guess Mondays are as good a day as any to do that. Maybe I will come up with some sort of title. Maybe not!

All I know is this. Since injuring my knee, my weight has been atrocious. There are so many things I can no longer do. I don't mean to sound self-pitying, because I'm not. I am lucky to be able to walk and for the most part, be pain free. But there is this fear that it will happen again. It is always in the back of my mind anytime I do anything. I don't expect that to ever fully go away. But if I am healthier and weigh less, then maybe I won't be so focused on it.

I guess we will see. Wish me luck. And has anyone seen my Pilates DVD? I can't find it anywhere.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

USC-44, Arizona State-24

YEAH,BABY! Technically I should have posted this Thanksgiving night. I did not because I was waaaay too tired for all that. I was super excited. I also got to actually watch some of the game. On TELEVISION. For reals. Naturally I did not realize they were showing the game until my father called me whilst I was driving home from dinner #3.

We aren't going to mention that I may or may not have been able to watch their games the entire time, but didn't. Because that would make me a total pinhead. And we can't have that.

I am slightly bummed about Georgia beating Tech(again!). I really thought they were gonna beat 'em this year. This has been one of the craziest seasons of college football that I have ever seen. I don't think my heart can take much more. I am (im)patiently waiting for the AP Poll to come out. Word on the street is that USC may be ranked NUMBER FIVE. 5. Remember you heard it here.

Or don't, if word on the street is incorrect. And you can also blame my dad.

Anything new?

You may have noticed some pimpage taking place in my sidebar. And the possible theft of Wordnerd's Mood-O-The-Day because I love it.

Here's the thing. At some point in time I would like to go back to being a SAHM. I am trying to generate a little extra moolah any way I can. But not a dirty way. So now I have ads, or will shortly. I also have the Amazon Deal of the Day. Help a girl out, wouldja?

Saturday, November 24, 2007


You Are Pumpkin Pie

You're the perfect combo of uniqueness and quality.
You're able to relate to many types of people with many different tastes.
But you're by no means generic or ordinary.
In fact, you're one of the most original people around.

Those who like you are looking for something (someone!) special.
You tend confuse people when they first meet you. You're not as complicated as you seem.
Even though you have a lot of spice and flavor to you, you're never overpowering.
You are a calm and comforting force in people's lives.

I must tell you all that I am completely horrified by this. I detest Pumpkin Pie. With the fire of a thousand suns.


A Girl's Love Affair With Fiesta Ware...

When I was twenty-two I met a man we will call Dick. On our three month anniversary he bought me a diamond necklace. When it came time for my birthday I just knew that my gift would be rockin'. We were going out to dinner with some of our friends and I was super excited. Dick came home from work and got ready. He also gave me my present early. Four five-piece place settings of Fiesta Ware.

To say I was less than thrilled would be a very big understatement. He informed me that there was one color in particular that he "always wanted his dinner served to him on". That is EXACTLY what he said. I have never forgotten it. But his idea was to show me that throughout our married life together we could collect more and have a whole set. Aww, sounds romantic, doesn't it?

He broke up with me the night after I made my world famous Cajun Chicken Linguini and served it to him on that goddamn plate. I should have busted it over his head. After we broke up I started buying my own Fiesta Ware. And my family and friends would buy it too. And now? I have eleven place settings. PLUS, my husband is going to buy me more for Christmas. Hah.

What does Dick have? I have no idea. Nor do I care.

The reason I am writing about my beloved Fiesta Ware is because I JUST found it two days ago. It had been sitting in a box in the basement. I could not find it anywhere. When we moved, my hubby found it. When I was unpacking the last big box I discovered it on the very bottom. I was so jazzed. I immediately called my mom to tell her.Finally, my Fiesta Ware was home in my cabinets. Where it belonged.

I laugh every time I serve my husband his dinner on that plate. And so does he.

Friday, November 23, 2007


Wanna guess where I was at four am? Huh? Do ya? Anyone?

BINGO! My mama and I decided that this year we would join the millions of insane shoppers for the day after Thanksgiving sales. We felt we were finally ready. Plus, it didn't hurt that my diddy woke up early and made us some coffee. It is excellent coffee, by the way. I even got to use my new creamer( Thanks, Swistle! The peppermint mocha is DELISH!).

So all hopped up on caffeine and pure adreneline we hit the holy grail of retail lunacy. Wal-Mart. We needed a microwave, Lightning McQueen, Transformers, a mini crockpot, hand beaters, two ten packs of cars(matchbox,hot wheels,whatev), and some dvd's. Amazingly, we walked out with every single item. And all of our own teeth. It was pretty hairy. And it was only the beginning.

We headed to the mall. My mom decided her grandbabies needed a keyboard and a guitar for Christmas. All we need now is a third child and a drum set, and we would have our own rock band! It hasn't been mentioned but I am pretty sure they are coming home with me. We then moved on to Penney's. Gloves,Toe Socks, and Flannel Shirts! Oh My!
A quick trip to Macy's and we were finis with the mall. By the way? I am completely in LUST, hot, primitive,sweaty lust, with Martha Stewart's new line of goodness at Macy's. Dear God. Check it out if you haven't already.

Our day/morning/night?huh? ended at Kohl's. At that point my coffee buzz had completely worn off and I could hear my bed whispering sweet nothings in my ear. I begged my mother to hurry and be done. She was more than ready as well.

As I dropped her off and drove home I thought about all the fun we had had. We met people in line and then met them again outside Macy's. We all laughed that apparently we hadn't had enough of the craziness from Wal-Mart. It was nice. More than nice. People were happy and friendly. Chatting with each other in line. It was how I pictured shopping on such a crazy day to be.

I already can't wait for next year.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving
More Free Graphics at

I hope everyone is enjoying their Turkey Day! God knows we are. We have already been to my parent's for dinner, Jimmy is headed out to see his family with the boys in tow, and then we are off to see my friend Rhonda. Notice I am not going to the in-laws? I'm sorry, but on a day when you are supposed to give thanks I refuse to sit and eat dinner with people who don't like me. Or constantly judge me. So I am staying home. And watching some football.

Y'all enjoy your day. I plan to.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I already mentioned the whole Monopoly thing. So here are TWO new random facts about yours truly.

1- I, or rather my parent's, received two tickets to some event that took place during the Olympics here in '96, for giving up my seat on a bus. We had just been to the Ray Charles concert at Centennial Park where I discovered a tiny bit of claustrophobia. It occured after the concert as everyone was leaving. It was rather terrifying and scared the hell out of my mother. She said she hoped to never see that look on my face again. Anyhoo. We were riding MARTA back to where we had parked the car. I am still freaking out and this woman gets on the bus. She is older than I am and so exhausted she can barely see straight. Being the good southern girl that I am , I offer my seat. She was quite shocked. Especially after learning what had happened. So she tells my parent's that she WORKS for the Olypics and offers two tickets to womens' something. For free. Because I was polite. My parent's turn them down at first. Because that was just how I was raised. But she insisted. So there is the story of how my parent's were able to attend their very first Olympic Games.

Kinda cool,eh?!

2- I cannot make grilled cheese. What? I can make fancy French sauces with the best of them. Grilled cheese? Not so much.

And now you know.

Meme, How I love ya, how I love ya...

That's right! It's Meme Time. This comes from Burgh Baby's Mom. I'm sorry I can't provide the frickin' link, but all my stuff is possibly disabled. I dunno.

Anyhoo, the meme is 7 random things about me. Are you ready?

1- I curse like a sailor. I know. I generally do not do it in front of the children. Or while at work. But I have the worst potty mouth.

2- If I play Monopoly I have to be the Dog. Or I won't play. Same goes with Trivial Pursuit. If I can't be pink I'm not playing.

3- I read thrashy romance novels. What? Like I'm the only one.

4- I know the layout of every department store in every mall I have EVER been in. Them's mad skillz right there!

5- I used to be a bartender and I made up the world's greatest shot. It's called Pull Your Panties Up. It is fruity and very yummy. It will also kick your ass if you aren't careful.

6- I can't type.

7- I love to sing karaoke with my girlfriends. I'm not bad. I won't win any competitions, but I don't suck and that is enough for me.

Don't you all feel like you know me better now?!

I tag whoever hasn't done this meme. Leave a comment in the comments.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

ONLY 34!!

I only have thirty-four posts for the month of November. I thought for sure I had way more. I need to get on the ol' stick. I was hoping for seventy-five.

Looks like I will be lucky to make it to fifty!

Letter to myself.

I've been thinking about myself of ten years ago quite a lot lately. I forget who started the similar meme, I think it was Zoot, which was actually a letter to yourself in seventh grade. For some reason I did not participate. Shocking,isn't it?! Instead I have decided to write a letter to myself of ten years ago. Oh the trouble I could have saved her!

Dear Self of Ten Years Ago,

First and foremost, DO NOT let J.C. cut your hair. You will regret it for the rest of your life. And moving on. Girl, stop thinking you are fat. I promise you you are NOT! You look better than you ever have before. Also, please enjoy all those nights out dancing with your girlfriends, because there will come a time when you can't dance anymore. And you will miss that almost as much as your hair.

As for boyfriends? I would tell you to avoid C.B. and G.D.- but I seriously doubt you would listen to me. The first one will break your heart. And the second? Let's just say he is unavailable. But you will be together for a long time.

Work is going to be a little crazy. You will get fired for the first(and only!) time in your life. And for the dumbest reason imaginable. You will find a better job and be much happier. Although still a little bitter! You will waste too much time in bars drinking with your friends, but you are young. You will realize that it's not so much fun soon enough. Keep in better touch with B.M. You will know the reason why years later. And get a copy of that picture of him holding that baby at our ChildKind dinner. You will wish you had it for the rest of your life.

You will have a good life. A life filled with all your dreams come true. Just enjoy the here and now. Quit worrying so much about what other people think of you. Be happy. Cherish your time spent with your family. Laugh every day. And be thankful for all you have.

The Me of Now

It is way too early in the morning for this...

Again with The Wiggles. My youngest son asked me to "put on Wiggles,Mama". Why couldn't he just ask for Barney and be done with it? Is he trying to kill me?

And I'm not sure if it is the early hour or possible sleep deprivation the likes of which usually only follow the birth of a small child, but I am thinking that Anthony is looking hot. I am fairly certain there is something wrong with me for actually saying that. You would know there was if you had ever seen that horrible dance they do.

First Rooney, and now Anthony. What is the world coming to?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Get OUT!

I am busy blingo-ing my name to see what pops up. What? Like you've never done it. And I come across the most BIZARRE link ever.

The John Denver Fan Club-Rocky Mountain High. I can't make this stuff up.JOHN FREAKIN' DENVER? Who in the hell listens to John Denver? I am still laughing myself silly. I can't wait to call my father.

As you were.


I added some new links to my blogroll. And I took one down. The rest I have to go find and add.

The one I took down I have been rather unhappy with lately. I won't mention who, but this persons posts have been largely bitching about money/lack thereof. Which I have no problem with. But not when you have put your child in private daycare, or bought all new furniture, or you eat out constantly. So I am taking a break from that particular blog for awhile. I wish that person the best of luck.

That was generic enough that no one should be able to figure out who I am refering to,right?

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I have changed the template on my blog. If you don't see your name in my People I love... don't be alarmed. Those were the links I could remember off the top of my head. I will be adding everyone else shortly.

Right now I need to go see a woman about a crock pot!! SQUEEEEEEE! My mama bought me a crock pot!

Sadly, I am really excited about that. I may need to get out more...

Where was I?

I just received an e-mail from a good friend of mine. Who also happens to be my brother's ex. He has always been upset that we were still such good friends. And I could never figure out why it bothered him so much.

Until today. Today, I am ashamed to call him brother. I am ashamed of my own small part in hurting someone who never deserved to be treated like that.But most of all I am ashamed for not realizing what was going on right in front of me all those years. How could I not have seen the signs? I was a victim too.

My brother in a temper fueled by alcohol is not pretty. Even sober he can be an ass. He has always had this need to control everything, and everyone around him. I honestly don't know where this comes from. We had the same childhood. The same parents. He was given everything he ever wanted. Even if it meant having to work extra shifts. How could he have turned out to be such a selfish,cruel bastard?Sure, he was spoiled. But then so was I. I guess I just really need to understand what has driven him to be so hurtful.

I also need to decide what to do about the boys. My brother and I no longer live in the same state. He is coming home for Christmas and is looking forward to seeing the boys. Which I find interesting, since he hasn't seen Quinn since he was a baby. Quinn turned two in September. I don't ever want them to be in any position to be hurt by him. Or disappointed like I have been so many times before.

He says he has changed. I want to believe that is true. But I have traveled down that road before. I won't do it again.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

When does a sweater become a size 7 shoe?

When you are crazy-busy at work, that's when!

I work in a children's resale store. I absolutely love it. I am one of the buyer's and the afternoon supervisor. I also get a rockin' discount. Which I have taken MAD advantage of! Can you blame me? We get really good clothes in every day. I have outfitted both boys (summer and now winter!) for around $100 each season. Seriously. We are talking Ralph Lauren, TCP, Gymboree, The Gap and Old Navy. For ridiculous prices.

And now back to my point! Saturdays are generally INSANE. My boss bought us a third computer to "buy" with. Which helped out a lot. Except it wasn't READY to actually buy for some reason or another. I am knee deep in buying when one of the girls comes up to me and shows me a gaping hole in a sweater I had bought. We damage the ticket and donate the sweater. As she hands me the ticket she is laughing. The ticket was for a size seven shoe... don't ask me how I did it. I still don't know. My boss thought it was the funniest thing ever. He made me tell his wife. She laughed so hard she had to go pee!

I'm guessing I won't hear the end of that for quite awhile. It's okay. Nothing tops the "Have a great idea" debacle of 2001. But that's a whole 'nother story!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Man, I Wish I Was Beautiful...

For almost all of my life, I was told I was "fat". I was a "heavy girl". I would have to be careful of my weight. My mother started harping on me at an early age that weight=beauty. I don't honestly do not feel she realized she had done so. Because she was overweight as a child. And had already known the price.

Fast forward several years. I do not ever remember my own mother telling me I was beautiful. Ever. My teenage years where I needed to know about make-up and girly things, she didn't know that. She never had that life. She was always second fiddle to her sister. My Aunt Joni. Who was the most fun person ever.

And the reason my parent's met. And the person I most resemble. We have the same color eyes. She introduced my parent's. She was actually my Dad's blind date. And she told my Mom that "she would be stupid to let a guy like that go." So my Mom asked him out for coffee. He accepted. And that was that. They married and began their life together. And then...

She was killed in a motorcycle accident after I was born.

It is difficult to live with that, but made even more so when you resemble her.

I am not her. I am me. I remember her, barely.

I am Jenny. Just Jenny. I am your daughter and your friend. I am just me.

Will that ever be enough? Can that ever be enough?

Tired doesn't even begin to cover it...

The Aidan had his surgery today. He came through it with flying colors. It was VERY minor. I will explain it all later. I promise.

But right now? Mama needs a NAP!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Meme Alert!

I got this from Zoot! And you know how much I love meme's!Basically you have to list one relevant fact or tidbit for each letter of your first or middle name. Then you are supposed to tag as many people as there are letters in your name. Yeah, good luck with that! I don't think I HAVE that many people who read my blog! Instead I say do it if you wanna!

J- Just Jenny! I prefer to be called Jenny or Jen. Never Jennifer. It makes me think I am in trouble!

E- Exhausted. Getting up at six am to drive your husband to work really sucks.

N- Nerdy. Well, hello! I am doing a meme!

N- Nutty- I believe it gives me character!

I- Imagination. I have always had a rather vivid one. It is something I encourage in my children.

F- Friendly. 'Cause I am.

E- Eager. For the potty training to be OVER WITH ALREADY.

R- Relieved. It is almost the weekend. Ah, sleeping in...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The "Right of Way"...

Am I one of the only people left on the PLANET who actually knows that when you come to a four way stop and there are more than one of you- the person on YOUR RIGHT GOES FIRST?

NO. I am not joking.

This irritates the ever-loving-hell out of me.

Me. WHO ACTUALLY HAD TO PASS A DRIVER'S TEST TO GET HER LICENSE BACK. It is a looong story involving knee surgery and therapy and blah,blah,frickity,blah.

I will tell you that my score was AWESOME!

Except for a little somethin'-somethin'. That I will only refer to as me losing my mind. Fine. It involves the stupid Bon Jovi album.

That is all.


The really unfortunate thing about driving my husband to work every morning is that I am being forced to watch The Wiggles upon our return. Every. Morning. Up until then they had never even seen that show. Yet another reason to want to pound on my husband... As if being forced to wake up at six am wasn't already reason enough.

Is it me? I mean, I just honestly do NOT understand the fascination with that show. It's annoying. As hell. And do you really want your children to watch a program with four grown men being all perky and silly that early in the morning? Why don't you just force them to watch Richard Simmons and be done with it. And the singing, dear god make it stop. Whilst you are at it, someone please explain that dinosaur. The dino has got to go.

Wasn't there a fifth Wiggle? Maybe that's why he left. Maybe he said " It's the Dinosaur or me". And they chose the dino. Ever think of that?

Now see how crazy this gettin' up early crap has made me? I have made up this wacky Conspiracy Theory and mentioned Richard Simmons all in the same morning. I need to go back to bed.

Or possibly start in on the fudge.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Got Nothin'...

My husband informs me last night that I needed to get my "blogging" out of the way today before the kids went to bed because he has to use the computer.

Mmkay. No pressure for a topic. Nah, no pressure at all.


It's okay. In retaliation I did NOT do the dishes. That'll show him. Tell me I need to be done before he gets home. Obviously he has never tried to write anything while the beasts were up. It is damn near impossible. Plus, I have the added insult of having been woken up AT SIX AM to drive him to work. Because it looks like our second car has given up the old ghost. That's like a little piece of heaven right there. It means I have to do that FIVE DAYS A WEEK. FIVE. AT SIX AM.

Is it obvious to anyone else what side of the bed I got out of today?!

Monday, November 12, 2007

What a Maroon...

So, my post from earlier? The one with the mention of peanut butter and something else I could not remember?

Cat litter.

Wanna know when I remembered that little pearl? After I emptied out the cat box.


I mean really, what were the odds? Especially since one of my things To-Do was to empty the damn cat litter.


I will be drowning my sorrows in a pan of freshly made fudge in about an hour. I am trying a new recipe. I will let you know how it turns out.

My To-Do List for Today...

Here goes!

*lock door after husband leaves for work-don't ask.

*make breakfast for the boys.

*refill sippy cups seven million times.

*change pull-ups and attempt morning potty.

*work on ornaments with impatient children.

*remind self not to yell at children when they "accidentally" draw on table. Again.

*make lunch.

*call to reschedule their doctor's appointments. We will discuss that later!

*hang rest of pictures.

*do dishes from breakfast and lunch.

*figure out what to have for dinner.

*put clothes in the dryer.

*take nap.

*get all three of us showered and dressed to head over to Grammy's house.

*go by Michael's for more paint.

*go to grocery store for peanut butter and something else I can no longer remember.

*unpack a MINIMUM of four more boxes.

*change the cat litter.

*clean bathrooms and vaccum.

*work on Thanksgiving menu.

*schedule boys holiday pictures.

And I think that's about it. Because after dinner it is Daddy Time. Usually I omit nap and instead go to work for six hours. Then I pick them up and come home. Where I promptly give them to their Daddy.

See a pattern here?!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

USC-24, California-17

Can I get a WOOT!WOOT!

I don't really need it, but I'd like one!

Sorry, y'all. I forgot to post this last night. I only got to see high lights, natch. But word on the street is that it was raining buckets. Buckets.

Damn. I love watching football when there is some sort of weather related issues.

Oh well. Maybe next time.


Edited to add: We are ranked #11 in both the AP AND BCS. YEAH,BABY! I'm thinking we still have a shot for a bowl game of some sort. Right?

Lazy Whore...

You know it's bad when you are spending more time on the computer than on unpacking your house. To be fair, I have already unpacked all the boys things.Their room was the first thing I set up. Yes, they are sharing a room. They seem to like it. Who I am to mess with happy bebe's?

Our bedroom is looking pretty good. The spare bedroom is even okay. The living room looks rather swell, in my opinion. Even the kitchen isn't half bad.

But the dining room? Is a whole 'nother story. I have unpacked boxes like a Mo-Fo. My hands are permanently dried out from all the constant contact with cardboard. It is just plain awful. Just tell me to get off my ass already and finish unpacking- RIGHT NOW! I MEAN IT!

I need some sort of motivation. Help a girl out.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Whine and Roses...

I do not have any idea what is going on with the boys today. But dear god, I am beyond ready for it to be over. I haven't seen this level of pissiness since the Great Teething Incident of '06.

Send help.

And wine. Lot's of wine.


Friday, November 9, 2007

Knock Knock Joke #2...

Aidan: Knock Knock...

Me:Who's there?

Aidan: Quinny the Stinky...

Followed by hysterical laughter. From both of them.

Cut me some slack- they are only two and four! It is really hard not to laugh though. Especially when they get to belly laughing. As far as I am concerned there is no better sound than the sound of your child's laughter. Who among us can resist children giggling? Not me, mah friend. Not me.

And both of mine think that they are hilarious. So I hear it a lot. I don't think I ever really knew just how much fun children would be.

I am a lucky girl. And I know it.

The First Evah Read This! Book Club update...

We are all bad. Some of us have not purchased the book yet. What? I already admitted to that. Some of us are only on the first chapter. Which is fine. Because she is still doing way better than me!

So, I am proposing a new date to have finished the book by. Also, it is obviously not too late to join our little club. We are reading "A Confederacy Of Dunces". So feel free to jump on in.

That having been said, the new date is November 30,2007. Just so we are clear. Now if you all will excuse me I need to get crackalackin and go buy me a book.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Gone the way of the Dodo...

Apparently mah oldest child has decided to stop calling me "Mama". He is now calling me "Mom". Wha? How did that come about? I don't wanna be "Mom". That's what you say when you are a teenager rolling your eyes at something your Mom said. I'm nowhere near ready for that yet! He is not even four! I mean really.

I remember the day we brought him home from the hospital like it was yesterday. I was scared to death. Putting him in his carseat for the first time was a nightmare. It must have taken me ten minutes! Those first few days were a little overwhelming, to say the least.

One of the girls I work with is a new Mom. She is nervous as all get out. Her bebe is beautiful. She asks me questions and I tell her what I did, or what I would do. I don't remember being that nervous, but surely I was! She is a good Mama. Her son is a happy baby.

I like to think that I am a good Mama, too. Both of mah sons are happy and well loved. I love them more than mah own life. Which is as it should be.

But I still don't want to be Mom.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Yes, I actually suck...

Dude, I am the worst person ever.

I still have not bought the book for my bookclub.

I have CRAZY things going on.

I pinky-swear promise to buy it this weekend.

It will only take me a day, at the most, to read it.

I am totally buying it this weekend.

Please don't hate me!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Drumroll please...

I did NOT make it on the jury.

I would be lying if I didn't tell all of you how relieved I am. Or disappointed. I can't help it. It is a very interesting case. And now you can all hear the juicy details. So here goes!

It is a capital murder case. The D.A. is going for the death penalty. That would have been something that would have probably haunted me until the day I died. Even if it turns out he deserved it. Knowing someone committed a heinous crime and sentencing him to death for it are two totally different entities. If the crime(s) warranted death, yes I could have chosen the death penalty. Would I have liked it? No. Not at all.

It happened in the spring of 2004. In my county. He allegedly shot two people. A man first and then hid his body in some kudzu. He then robbed a woman and shot her and hid her body as well. The man that he shot was a crony of our sheriff. And they used to hang out in this local dive bar. Across the street from the steakhouse I used to work at a long time ago. He was also dating a stripper from the Cheetah. Who is African American. I personally don't care if he was having an inter-racial relationship, but some of the people on the jury did. Seriously. It was an actual question we were asked. I also believe there were some sort of drugs involved. We were asked about meth. We were told there would be crime scene photos, and that they were quite graphic. All in all, quite a doozy for my first attempt at jury duty.

So yes, I am relieved to have been dismissed from jury duty. I would like to thank all of you for your kind words and your thoughts of me and my family during this stressful time.

It helped me make it through this process. I am more grateful than you could ever know.

Nervous Knots...

I am nervous as all get out.

I didn't sleep at all last night.

I am more than ready to find out if I in fact made it on the jury.


I'm off to drop the boys at their Grammy and Grampy's house.

See you in a while.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Jury Duty...

I had this other post all worked out in mah head. And I can think of nothing but jury duty. I report in the morning. I believe this means I will finally know one way or the other if I made it on the jury.

I am not afraid to say I'm skeert. 'Cause I am. Big time.

I have had too much time to think about what it will mean to actually be on this jury. The time spent away from mah children and mah husband. In less you count the nights after surgeries one,two and three, I have never been away from mah children for any length of time. I know that sounds a little nutty, but it is true. I don't enjoy being without them. I never sleep very well when they are not right down the hall from me. How will I ever survive three weeks, or more without them?

People keep telling me to "lie" or "make up crazy answers". And I am sorry, but I can't do that. It isn't right. And it isn't fair. If you are going to do that then you have no business being on a jury. Ever.

In mah humble opinion, that is why our legal system works. For the most part. It is vital that people be honest and as forthright as possible to insure that justice will be served.

I have also thought long and hard about the desisions I will be forced to make concerning the particular case I may be hearing. I believe myself to fair and just. It is just so overwhelming to realize the power I will hold over this person's future. I know it is out of mah hands now. I answered all of their questions as honestly as I possibly could. If that gets me on the jury, then so be it. I will do mah very best to remain impartial and true to myself.

I also know that there is no sense in getting worked up over something that might not even happen. I guess I am trying to prepare myself either way.

Wish me luck.

It's a sickness...

I must be the most super-competitive person on the planet. It's bad. I HAVE to win.

I have to be the Dog in Monopoly. Or I won't play. I have to be Pink during Trivial Pursuit. Or I won't play. I could go on, but I don't want y'all to think I am really freaky.

Quirks? Or just annoying as all hell?

You decide.

Talk amongst yourselves.

Oh, and one more thing. I would rather be right, than be President. Seriously.

It's a sickness, I'm tellin ya.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Why I Love Mr. Clean...

Two words...

Magic Erasers.

I swear they must be a gift from God. Seriously.

We just moved in to our new house last week. Already one of the boys(my money is on Quinn!) has found a crayon and "colored" one of our walls. Our WHITE walls. With a red crayon. A RED CRAYON.

Mr. Clean, I love you so. If I were not already married, and you weren't a commercial character, I am sure we could of had a beautiful relationship. A very loving, possibly dirty, relationship.

USC-24, Oregon St-3

Yeah, baby! Naturally I could not watch the game because they generally don't televise the team that is ranked 19th! I don't care. I love 'em anyway.


And PS- Mah boyfriend- John David Booty is BACK! HAH!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

@#$%^&&*(^ MySpace

I am more than a little annoyed with MySpace right now. I can't get my layout to look right and it is really frustrating the ever-livin' crap out of me.

I am giving mah BFF my codes and letting her run rampant.

Cause that's how I roll.

And I am a big dork.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Jury Duty Update...

Sorry, I forgot to mention this.

So, they are only on panel #11. Out of 15.

Anyone else think my Thanksgiving ought to be interesting?

Captain Craptastic Strikes Again...

We recently found out that my husband's grandparents were no longer going to be able to loan us the money they had said they would.

One guess as to why.

Yep, because of my darling M.I.L. Great, isn't it?

We are so totally screwed.

I am beyond upset. We needed that money. I don't know what we are going to do now. I am trying really hard to be positive. But it is soooo hard.

I honestly do not understand what happened. I only know that I did absolutely nothing to deserve the way she has been teating me lately. Or the manner in which she spoke to me last weekend.

I want to cry. Or at the very least sit in a big fat bubblebath with the world's largest glass of wine and never come out.

The holiday's ought to be a hoot this year. Which also really sucks because they will be the first without my grandma.

Good times.

The M.I.L. Diaries...

When my husband and I first began our married life together, his family was not a part of our life. My husband had had a falling out with them years prior to our ever even meeting. They missed our wedding. And even the birth of our first child. I all but begged him to contact them and at least let them know about the baby. He finally agreed and called his mom at work. She was beside herself. She had read about the wedding, but had no idea about the baby. She asked if she could come over after work. I'm amazed she didn't leave work and come right then!

I was so excited. I was going to have a mother-in-law. I had asked him to ask her if I could call her "Mom". She was so excited she started to cry. I was also terribly nervous. What if she didn't like me? What then?

She came over and was just so wonderful, I could hardly believe it. She oohed and awed over her first grandson. She took about eleventy-jillion pictures. No lie. It was perfect. We made plans to meet the great-grandparents and his younger brother the next weekend. That went great too! Everything was perfect. I loved his grandparents. His grandma especially. I lost my grandma last year. Having her in my life has really been a blessing. The last four years have truly been special. My friends were so jealous that I had this fabulous M.I.L. And then something happened to change all that.

She became nuttier than a fruitcake. Seriously. We moved last weekend. Keep in mind that she has become bitchier and bitchier for about the last six months or so. Last weekend took the fucking-proverbial-cake. All weekend I kept hearing little snide comments . I let them go. I walked away. I even turned the other cheek. Until Sunday. I had finally had enough. She had my husband so upset that we got into the world's stupidest argument over NOTHING. I finally told him just how I felt. He apologized and told me I was right and that he should have known that all along. She was snooping through our mail, under the guise of "helping" us to pack. I was LIVID. I won't mention all the comments she made to my husband. Or most of what she said to me the next day. I will tell you that I have never been talked to like that in my entire life. Or screamed at, I should say. I have never been made to feel more like a worthless mother in my whole life as a mama. And I said the one thing I made myself promise NOT to say in retaliation. I feel bad. It was a really ugly thing to say. In my defense, I just could NOT take it anymore. And I'm sorry, it takes a lot to really make me angry. But when you make me that angry? I will instinctively say the one thing guaranteed to hurt you the most. And I did.

Now we are no longer speaking to each other. Which is fine by me. I don't need any fake people in my life. I told my husband that she is welcome to see her grandsons whenever she wants. But I will be damned if I am taking them to see her. As far as I am concerned she can kiss my sorry-mama-ass.

Or not. I no longer care what she thinks.

How I woke up this morning.

Aidan: Knock, Knock.

Me: Wha? Oh, Who's there?

Aidan: Aidan The Worker.

Seriously. Apparently, this has now become the world's funniest knock-knock joke. His little brother thinks it is hysterical.

Toddlers...who knew?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

NaBloPoMo... I'm baaaaack!


After many grueling days of no internets, I am finally online once again.

And boy do I have some stories for you!

Seriously. Like a lot. I will begin my first one tomorrow.

I have BLOGS to read and comments to make.

I just wanted to get my first post in before midnight.


The Monkey...

The Monkey...