Friday, September 28, 2007


My e-vite came today. My e-vite came today!Super Suppers here I come! Well, in October anyway!


Since I am so cool, I already RSVP'd. Like right after I finished reading my e-mail.


I am looking forward to meeting everyone.

Now I just need to figure out what to wear...or go shopping. Yeah. Shopping it is!!


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Time to come clean...

I have been avoiding this post for some time now. I couldn't figure out how to say these simple words... We lost our house.

The foreclosure was final September 4th. We tried everything we could think of to save it, but nothing worked. We didn't have enough equity to interest any investors and the mortage company's idea of "help" was to reduce our payment by about forty dollars. And there was still a possibility we would have to pay them an additional three thousand dollars in November. So we let it go. My husband's credit is ruined. We are still struggling financially. And yet, somehow? I know that we will figure out a way to survive. I am determined to survive. I will not let this break me.

It sounds so easy to say. It's not. Sometimes I find myself repeating it over and over to myself. Like some ridiculous mantra. And as much as I would like to have a complete nervous breakdown, including curling up on the floor, naked, sucking my thumb, I can't. Because The Aidan and Quinn need me. I have to keep it together. I also have to finish packing and find a house for us to rent. And if you think it was hard to write that first sentence you would be wrong. Nothing was more difficult than having to tell a real estate agent that she would find a foreclosure on your credit. And to have her look at you with a mixture of pity and something else I can't even begin to name. Saying those words out loud to a complete stranger was so mortifying. I have never felt more like a failure in my life.

I realize we are one family among so very, very many. And that is sad. I also realize that we are very,very lucky. My husband and I are both healthy and able to work. I do surveys online, sell Southern Living at Home, and am hoping to get a job as a Cater-Waiter-Bartender for the holidays.I also work at a children's resale store. We have two cars, one of which is paid for. We do not have credit card debt. We have always paid cash. We are not destitute by any means.We just hit a rough patch last fall when my husband lost his job. We never recovered. I am not doing this for sympathy or any reason, except for wanting to be truthful about my life.

We are almost caught up on our bills. Except for the medical bills. Which of course occured in the fall of last year and Mother's Day. But other than that? We are okay. And I feel much better for having written about this. We have two houses we are trying to choose between. Both are in our price range and about a bajillion times better than where we live now. In the hell-hole,er house, we used to own.

I believe everything happens for a reason. I'm just not sure what this one is yet.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The thrill of victory...and the agony of defeat...

I am a very happy girl after this weekend. Except for two things. One of which pissed me off so badly I am considering sending a nasty letter to ABC/ESPN. Betches...

Sorry, back to the topic at hand. My beloved Trojans kicked some Washington butt on Saturday. I was delirious with joy. of the aforementioned stations TOOK THE GAME OFF THE AIR IN THE THIRD QUARTER SO WE COULD WATCH FRICKIN IOWA AND WISCONSIN. IOWA AND WISCONSIN. CORN vs CHEESE. Apparently I am still a tiny bit upset. I just do not fathom why THE NUMBER 1 RANKED TEAM IN THE COUNTRY would have their game interrupted by THE NUMBER 9 RANKED TEAMS STUPID ASS GAME. Had that been any other team I promise you that would not have happened. Which also pisses me off. The fact that we don't get taken seriously. Because we are in the Pac-10. Um, correct me if I am wrong- BUT AREN'T WE CONSISTENTLY WINNING GAMES/CHAMPIONSHIPS?

Then you can all bite me.

The agony of defeat would be the loss my Falcons suffered at the hands of the Carolina Panthers. It was an ugly match. DeAngelo Hall did not have a good day. There were more personal fouls in this game than I can ever remember seeing. And the Cowboys spanked the Bears. And pretty much made them their betch. It was sad.

The Braves won.

My boyfriend did not. But there is still Talladega and Atlanta. Two tracks that he has a pretty good history with. I'm not worried. Besides, there is always next year!!

And that wraps it up. We are experiencing massive Baby Drama at the moment.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Princess of Quite a Lot

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Friday, September 21, 2007


My best friend wrote a blog on her myspace about how music and songs have affected her life. I know- MySpace. I have recently joined at the urging of one of my best friends from high school. Look Ma, I am cool! All jokes aside, I have actually met up with some friends that I haven't spoken to in years. So laugh all you want. I do not care.

Back to the topic at hand. I grew up in a fairly musical family. I don't ever remember a time where there wasn't music of some sort. My father used to sing in a bluegrass band. Every Tuesday night. If we were lucky we would get to go and hear him sing. I will never forget hearing their friends, Clyde & Mary, sing "Turn the Radio On". With Clyde playing the mandolin. She had the voice of an angel. I often wondered whatever happened to them. They were fairly old when I knew them as a little girl. I do know I always think of them every time someone tells me to "turn the radio on".

There was always something on the radio. Or 8-track. Shut it. My mama liked Merle, The Oak Ridge Boys and just about everything in between. I think I knew all the words to the "Y'all Comeback Saloon" before I knew my own name. And it goes without saying that I knew all the words to just about any Merle Haggard song. My daddy was a little more broadminded in his musical scope. We grew up listening to Johnny Cash, Creedence Clearwater, Bob Seeger, The Sons of the Pioneers, and Brook Benton, to name a few.

The eclectic musical educatiion I was exposed to served me well. I love almost every type of music. With a special fondness for Merle and Creedence. As a matter of fact, the song I danced to with my father at my wedding was "The Farmer's Daughter". By Merle Haggard. It was a surprise for my diddy. It shook him so much he could barely dance with me. The songs of Merle Haggard have played a huge part of our lives. My parent's song is " That's the Way Love Goes". One of the best moments of my life, by far, was getting to actually watch them dance to this song. At a concert I bought them tickets for.

It just seems like for every milestone I have faced, there has been some sort of song to mark it. So I give you my list. And probably the short version.

Because, Jesus. We don't have all damn day!

Salty Dog- Ricky Scaggs
Caroline- Merle Haggard
The Long Black Veil- Lefty Frizzell
Delia- Johnny Cash
At the Hop- Danny and the Juniors
King of the Road- Roger Miller
Blue Moon of Kentucky- Bill Monroe
Missing You- John Waite
Pretty much the entire Tapestry album- thanks, mama!
Joe Cocker.
Bob Seeger- who can choose!
Journey- see above.

And now? My adult stuff.

A Long December- Counting Crowes. Last December was the worst month of my life.
3 am- Our Lady Peace- Not thinking my diddy would make it, and wondering what the hell my bubba would do if that happened.

Drops of Jupiter- Train. The best years of my life. Pre-bebe, of course!
Redemption Song- Bob Marley. Rest in peace, my babe-a. I miss you.
Could You Be Loved- Bob Marley. Seeing my husband dancing around the room, softly singing this song to his newborn son at two in the morning. WHILE I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SLEEPING!!

The list could go on and on and on. You get the idea. I think we have instilled our love of music in our children. For that I am grateful.

I just want it to be all that it has been for me over the years. The thing that no matter what, I could turn it on and lose myself. I could forget, if just for a moment, all of my troubles and cares.

Who doesn't need that?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I can't believe I forgot about this!

So my boyfriend announced his new number yesterday.


Which I more or less expected.

What I did NOT expect? That Bud would drop him like it's hot. Wha? Instead, they chose Kasey Kahne as their new boy. BAH.

We have The National Guard and Mountaind Dew Amped.


I am happy about the number though. I hope he will be happier. And maybe have what it takes -support-wise- to win a championship next year.

Go Dale Jr.!!!!!

Going out...

Tonight, for the first time in not-so-recent memory I am going out with my best friend. Well one of 'em anyway. We are going to see Blue October(her fave band-EVAH!) at the Masquerade.

God. The Masquerade. What a rush of memories. Most of them good. They involve countless hours dancing to fetish music and drinking Nuclear Ice Tea's. Don't ask!It was an interesting time in my life to say the least. One that I do not regret.

But I am feeling so weird about going back to a place that the me of now no longer belongs in. And to be truthful? I have no desire to. That's not who I am anymore.

The me of now is simply going to see a band with her friend.

Rock On!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

That Swistle!

You know I am lacking in the post ideas when I have to use one that is this lame!

No offense to Swistle. Who is most certainly NOT lame. And seems like a super-cool chic.

On to my story. A few weeks ago I was reading her blog and stumbled across this YUMMY sounding brownie recipe. Which called for Andes Mints. I got quite a hankerin' for said brownies and rushed right out to buy the ingredients. Then I got lazy and forgot all about them.

Until tonight. When I found the bag of mints in my cupboard. And now I can't stop eating them. Seriously. I have eaten three quarters of the bag. I am slightly sick.

So that's mah story.

Told you it was lame...

Sunday, September 16, 2007


I am sure many of you know about my love of crappy t.v. Or maybe not. I put it in my 100 things post. Crap, I don't think I've done that yet. Note to self.

Anyhoo, on tonight's episode of Rock of Love Bret FINALLY came to his senses and got rid of Lacey. SQEEEE! She had to be the most evil/bat-shit-crazy person I have seen in quite a while. We are talking like NEW YORK crazy. Yeah, scary stuff.

I know it is a cheesy show. I don't care. I made the mistake of watching it one time. And was totally hooked. Sad, I know.

I am hoping he picks Jes. I love her hair. Plus she seems so rocker chic. I guess we will have to wait and see....

Let's all of our cakes be friends...

I read about this in Amalah's other blog, Mom's Daily Dose over at clubmom. I think it is an awesome way to promote awareness of the environment. I will absolutely be participating. I am not sure of my topic, but I have some time.

Sign up! Hurry!
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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I swear I don't know where he gets this...

So, whilst (hee,hee!) I was out slaving away at work the boys were at my parents house. They help watch them when Jimmy and I can't. Or when they feel the need to steal 'em every once in a while. But, I digress.

Anyhoo, they are playing and havin' a grand old time when one of the toys stops working. Immediately, The Aidan notices it must be in need of a new battery. He proceeds to inform my dad that the battery needs to be replaced. My dad sends him off to the junk drawer where they keep batteries, and well, junk. Hence the name! Aidan comes back out after a minute and tells my dad there aren't any in there. Dad tells him it should be in there. Off Aidan goes back into the kitchen to check again. Comes back out and still no battery. My father says to Aidan that he doesn't know what to tell him. So Aidan tells my father- It must a grown legs and walked out of here. And then repeats himself two more times. So they go back and forth about how the battery has grown legs and walked off. Aidan'll say- well, it musta just walked off. And then my dad will say- yeah, that must be what happened. This happens for like, five minutes.

When my mother told me that I almost died. Cause I know EXACTLY where he has heard that particular phrase before.

And it aint from me!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Captain Craptastic strikes again...

Sorry y'all, but this is gonna be a short one.

I didn't get any sleep last night because someone tried to break in to my house. Fortunately, I was still awake. I called 911 and they sent a deputy out. He didn't find anything, but promised to drive around for awhile. He was very calming.

Did I mention my husband is out of town?!

I have never been so scared in my entire life. I will explain it all in the am.
Right now I need to go to bed.


Sunday, September 9, 2007

Happy Birthday, my beautiful bebe...

Today you turned two. You are such a big boy. You make me laugh with your silliness. I could not be more proud that you are my son. Having you was the best thing I have ever done.

You had a Backyardigans party. Grammy made your cake. Grammy, Grampy, Grandma Garmon, Aunt Lana, Uncle Fritz, Jerrod and William came to your party. You were SO excited! You kept running up to me and your daddy and saying "PARTY!". It was so cute! You enjoyed yourself today.

You are a crafty little sucker, though! Sometimes I swear I can almost see what you are thinking! You wake up with a big smile on your face every morning. EVERY. MORNING. You love to snuggle and give kisses very generously. You have the best giggle in the whole world. Hearing it never fails to make me smile. You think your big brother is "it". You play well with each other. For the most part. You are learning "my turn" and "I do" and about a billion other things. We won't mention your temper...

I just can't believe you are already two years old. I think to myself that that cannot be true, because I swear I just brought you home from the hospital yesterday. It really does feel that way. I guess what they say about time flying is true. I just wish that you were still a baby. But not really. Because I love watching you grow up.

Just don't do it quite so fast!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I'm bringing wordy back.

I believe the word "whilst" is a very undervalued word. I am making it my new mission in life to bring it back to all its former wordy glory.

Because I am cool like that.And I feel very British saying it. I have no idea why.

As you were.


We are still waiting to find out about the house.

It sucks.

I haven't even started the post about our old house. I just don't think I am ready to talk about it yet. I know it will all resolve itself in the end. It is just hard.

On a happier note, I have found The Aidan's Halloween costume. SQUEEE! He saw it today whilst we were shopping. He will be a Mummy Skeleton this year.Don't ask how it came to be called that. I'm not even sure I remember the whole story...or maybe I blocked it out. Anyhoo. He is sooo jazzed! Quinn? I don't have the foggiest idea. I am kinda leaning towards Buzz Lightyear. He loves Buzz. More than anything. Although Woody is running a very close second. Followed hot on the heels by Daisy Duck. Weird kid.

And his second birthday theme is the Backyardigans. He will be having a Pablo cake. Courtesy of his grammy. Who has some mad skillz in the baking department. I will absolutely take lots of pictures.

I will also be pulling my panties up and writing about my woes. Because it probabbly would make me feel better.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Almost too much to hope for...

We may have found a new house. I am afraid to talk about it too much for fear of jinxing it. We will know on Tuesday.

Keep your fingers crossed.

And maybe a toe, or two.

The Monkey...

The Monkey...