Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back to School...

It is officially all official-like, or would that be official-ish? Huh?

You will have to excuse my lack of coherent thought. Or any sort of thought, for that matter. I am getting up early these days. To take Nub to pre-K.

And it is killing me dead. No, really. DEAD.

Okay, the italics are off. Every morning we wake up at 7:15 and begin our day. Thankfully we do not have to begin it with breakfast because, dude, he eats at school. How rockin' is that?Love it! Dub and I drop him off and then come back home. Did I mention that his school is literally right down the street? So it take less than two minutes to drive there? No? That is also rockin'. But only for another few weeks. Then it will be about five minutes away. Still. That's not too shabby either.

I must admit the proximity of his school to my parent's house, or where we were hoping to move, did play a small part in the choosing of the pre-K. That and the fact that the school has been in business for over thirty years and I have NEVER heard anyone say one bad thing about it. Not one. I love it. I love his teacher. I love the room he is in. I love the curriculum. And more importantly? He loves it. He has already made some friends. Isn't that sweet?

We are one small step away from birthday parties, spending the night and all of the chaos that comes with the territory of boyhood. I can't wait. He is so adventurous. He just goes running full tilt to the next thing. I hope he never loses that.

My big boy. So grown up.

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